13-15 July 2018


One of the most unique music summer festivals in the heart of Europe, Mighty Sounds promises three nights crammed with the very elite of punk, punk rock, rock & roll, ska, reggae, rockabilly, hardcore and related genres. Come celebrate the upcoming fourteenth edition of the festival with us!






  • The Mighty Sounds Festival takes place on the site of a former airport –  the place is called Čápův dvůr and it is close to the attractive city  of Tábor, Czech Republic.
  • The camping area will be open and you can start erecting your tents as  of 6:00 p.m. on Thursday – and, this is also when we’ll be tapping the  beer kegs, so we can get the party started one day early.
  • We have to ask all of our visitors to please leave their dog(s) or any other pet(s) at home.
  • The parking area is about 300 meters from the Camp Village and Camp Village DeLuxe.
  • Younger children can come to the festival with a parent or guardian for  free. It’s been a tradition of Mighty Sounds that all kids below 140 cm  in height and/or under 12 years of age are allowed in for free.
  • We have to prohibit our visitors from bringing anything onto the  festival grounds that might possibly put other festival attendees in  danger – such as glass bottles, pyrotechnics (fireworks), umbrellas,  flammable substances or firearms or weapons of any kind. As far as food  and drink goes, visitors can only bring in with them water in 0,5 l  plastic bottles.